Our Mission Statement

To reach out to people with the saving power and love of Jesus Christ and build them up in the faith.

Our Vision Statement

SAVED SOULS – We will minister in the spirit of the Great Commission by developing and executing strategies to equip and engage every member and ministry of the church in becoming committed soul winners.

People who have: 

  • Accepted their freedom in Christ.
  • Embraced their power in the Spirit.


DEVOTED DISCIPLES – We will train and equip members of the body of Christ to live our Christian calling through the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ, knowledge of the scriptures, compassion for humanity and lives of Christian service.

Christians who: 

  • Accept the Lord’s Message
  • Adopt the Lord’s Mindset
  • Assume the Lord’s Ministry


STRONG FAMILIES – We will provide ministries and programs that empower individuals to build strong families that reflect God’s design, based upon biblical values and principles.

Strong Family Values: 

  • Godly Leadership
  • Spiritual Loyalty
  • A Sense of Legacy


HEALTHY COMMUNITIES – We will provide comprehensive services and programs through the Garden of Hope Inc. that will assist in producing thriving people living healthy lifestyles in a vibrant community.

Healthy Communities are Places Where:

  • There is a safe place for families and individuals to grow and thrive.
  • There is respect and resources for the least of these.
  • There are pathways to prosperity for every member of the social strata.
  • There is political commitment to social justice, equity and access to power.

Our Core Values

  1. We value the BIBLE as the foundation of our ministry, and it is our guide in all matters of faith and practice.
  2. We value PEOPLE and believe that every person should be treated with the highest degree of love, care, dignity, and respect.
  3. We value EXCELLENCE, a mindset that motivates us to be and do our best.
  4. We value heartfelt WORSHIP that is God-honoring, Spirit-led and life-changing.
  5. We value SERVICE to each other and the community, following the example of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. We value PRAYER and maintaining a continuous conversation with God.
  7. We value COMMUNITY and building healthy relationships of encouragement and accountability.
1317 E. Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, Va 23504 Phone: (757) 622-0760 Email: office@gcfbaptistchurch.org
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