Our thoughts and prayers go out to you in this time of loss and grief. Your church wants to be there for you to minister to your needs and bring comfort to your heart.

The family of Gethsemane is available to counsel and minister to you and your loved ones during this time. Please let us know any specific ways we can be of assistance to you. In case of Funerals being held at Gethsemane, contact Rev. Dianna Bennett (Sr. Associate Minister) at 757-622-0760 to make arrangements for funeral services at Gethsemane.

In the case of the death of a family member and the funeral is being held at another church, please contact Minister Maggie Byrd at 757-622-0760.

This information is provided to assist you with the practical aspects of dealing with your loss and may not contain all of the needed information in it’s entirety.

The Senior Pastor, Church Leaders and the members of Gethsemane Community Fellowship Church shall be sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of families in bereavement. Condolences shall be extended to each family with our sincere regard. We recommend services planned in a manner that will console and preserve the dignity of the family. Upon the death of a family member, please contact the church office.

The church will assist your family in preparing for the funeral services.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. Funeral Services will be held for members of the church and their immediate families (spouse, parents, children, or siblings).
  2. Funeral Services for non-members will be at the discretion of Church Leadership.
  3. The church will not cancel any major planned events (weddings, conferences, workshops, etc) to accommodate a funeral service. Weekdays are very flexible with the exception of Wednesday.
  4. The church will assist the family in planning the funeral and the layout of the program. The cost of printing the programs will be the responsibility of the family.
  5. All Eulogists must be pre-approved by the Senior Pastor.
  6. Video Presentations must be submitted to the Media Ministry 48 hours prior to the Funeral Service for REVIEW. All presentations should be in movie format (.mpeg) or FINISHED Power Point format. No editing services are provided. Video should not exceed four (4) minutes in length.
  7. Meal, Music, & Media services may have additional guidelines. Please contact the church for more information.



Gethsemane Community Fellowship Church Grief Support Ministry provides support to members who have lost loved ones.!! The Grief Support Ministry meets regularly for those in need. Contact the Minister Maggie Byrd at 757-622-0760

Don’t try to go through the grieving process alone. Healing from your grief is not easy. It’s a long, sometimes painful process. Your journey from mourning to joy… Grief Support is here for you.





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