Sharon Daphne Houston, First Lady

Mrs. Houston has proven to be an asset to the work of ministry in her roles as Director of Ministry and Deputy Director. In 2008, Mrs. Houston showed great vision by supporting the ministry in launching the church’s new community development center, The Garden of Hope, Inc. She serves as the Deputy Director of the organization, and under her leadership, the organization has grown and provided economic resources to the community through human services.

Mrs. Houston completed an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at Tidewater Community College, a Bachelor and Master of Social Work Degree at Norfolk State University. She assists the Senior Pastor in the implementation of the Church’s Vision; provides leadership development and oversight for the staff; and assists the staff in developing a comprehensive ministry and program strategy that will meet the needs of the congregation and community.

Personal Mission Statement:  Availing myself for the service of Man-kind to make a difference in the lives of people.

1317 E. Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, Va 23504 Phone: (757) 622-0760 Email:
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