Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry’s primary role is designed to equip, motivate and lead the GCFBC family to express their personal faith through lifestyle evangelism. The ministry will develop teams with a heart for the “Great Commission”, using as many strategies and other evangelism methods as God directs. The ultimate mission is to reach new converts and assimilate them into the nurturing environment of the local church.

New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry facilitates the process through which new members are welcomed and assimilated into the family and life of the church.

Living Water Ministry

The Living Waters Ministry provides Christian-based Substance Abuse Support for individuals suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Joshua Ministry

The Joshua Ministry administers services to formerly incarcerated individuals, and assists them in successfully re-entering the community.

“REACH” Ministry Real Everyday Attempts to Change Humanity for Christ

The REACH Ministry is the evangelism outreach program of the ministry that trains and deploys members into the local community to share the gospel and invite people into the saving love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Altar Counseling Ministry

The Altar Counseling Ministry provides consultation for individuals who respond to the discipleship invitation during the worship service and ministers to them according to their needs, requests and desires.

1317 E. Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, Va 23504 Phone: (757) 622-0760 Email: office@gcfbaptistchurch.org
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